Shinco India launches 39-inch Full HD ready TV with 4K video support

Shinco India launches 39-inch Full HD ready TV with 4K video support

Shinco India has launched the SO4A, a 13-inch TV priced at Rs 13,990 and available at Amazon India. The premium FULL HD Ready with 4K Video Support (13366*768p) LED television offers advanced picture quality and sound-enhancing features including HRDP technology combined with its alluring design. HRDP, a proprietary technology that enhances contrast ratio for a more comfortable viewing experience and magnifies the pixels that are displayed on the screen allows you to enjoy clearer and crispier scenes whether you’re playing PUBG or FIFA 18 on your gaming device like PS4 or Xbox.

The SO4A boasts the most advanced innovation in terms of A+ Grade Panel display that improves texture and reduces blurring. Add the built-in surround sound with 20W speakers that produce sound with plenty of bass and clarity giving you an awe-inspiring experience, all within the comfort of your living.

When it comes to connectivity, the SO4A also has 2 USB and 2 HDMI ports that allow you to access pictures, videos, and music with the help of the convenient on-screen content browser. Those with a green thumb will be glad to know that the Energy Saving feature, powered by Smart Sensors allows you to go green by limiting power consumption.

Shinco’s USB to USB copy feature allows you to transfer content on-the-go with the simple click of a button on the remote. And with only one remote to control your entire home TV system instead of juggling between two or three remote controllers, things couldn’t be simpler. The new remote will also support the media players and wireless headphones connected to your home entertainment system.

The ‘Shinco’ app is an after-sale service app that lets the customer request for the installation/repair of the product. Additionally, the app allows you to avail the extended warranty for the product and even track the details of their product. For future assistance, customers can register their product and if you have lost the bill, you can review the purchase details through the app.


Source:- deccanchronicle