Realme announces MagSafe-like wireless MagDart chargers

Realme announces MagSafe-like wireless MagDart chargers

Realme announced a whole new ecosystem with the introduction of MagDart, the company’s new way to charge smartphones. Similar to Apple’s MagSafe mechanism, MagDart uses magnetic tech that powers various accessories for phones, either as charging or power solutions or other accessories.

MagDart Case

The company will be bringing its MagDart tech to phones like the Realme GT, which will get a new case called the MagDart case, that will be able to add wireless charging support on the phone.

The case doesn’t look too bad either with a full carbon fiber back. It also leaves a USB-C port open for use, meaning you can still connect the phone to a laptop, for instance, while using the case to charge.

50W and 15W MagDart Chargers

Realme also launched a hefty MagDart wireless charger. The 50W adapter is currently the fastest magnetic wireless charger for phones right now and can charge a 4,500mAh battery in under an hour, as Realme demonstrated with the Flash concept phone.

A built-in fan in the adapter keeps it cool along with the device it is charging. While pretty powerful and fast (almost as fast as 50W wired charging), not everyone might want to carry this hefty adapter around.

This is why Realme also launched a less-powerful 15W magnetic wireless charger. The 3.9mm thin charging adapter is even thinner than Apple’s MagSafe and charges devices at 15W. Realme claims it can fully juice up a 4,500mAh battery in 90 minutes.

MagDart Power Bank Base

Realme also unveiled yet another charging adapter, this time, one that can wirelessly charge your device as well as act as an on-the-go power solution. The part that acts as the stand for the phone can actually detach from the base and be used as a wireless powerbank on-the-go. The accessory is also made out of vegan leather and aluminium…Read more>>