Put in waiting list by Indian Railways? How IRCTC’s Vikalp scheme can help you

Put in waiting list by Indian Railways? How IRCTC’s Vikalp scheme can help you

The summers are here and with vacations kicking in, soon there will be an increase in number of people travelling by Indian Railways. With the increased footfall, chances are that many end up in the waiting list. Well, fret not. Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation or IRCTC, the extended branch of Indian railways that caters for the needs of the travelers has a service through which one can choose an alternative train in case their first reservation does not get confirmed. Named Vikalp, the scheme by IRCTC is the help to the passengers listed under the waiting list. Here is what you need to know about the Vikalp Scheme –

Who can apply for Vikalp?

Any passenger listed under the waiting list can apply for this scheme, irrespective of booking quota, train types and classes.


Vikalp Scheme rules:

1. Under the scheme, the wait-listed passenger can choose up to seven alternative trains.

2. Vikalp opted passengers who remain under the waiting list after charting are considered for the scheme.

3. The boarding and terminating station will differ compared to the initial ticket booking details. The stations might be among the cluster stations. Under the scheme, one can be transferred to an alternate train departing between 30 minuted to 72 hours from the scheduled time mentioned in the primary ticket.

4. There are no additional charges for this scheme. However, the customer will not get any refund if there is a difference in prices.

5. The passenger should note that opting for the scheme does not mean a confirmed berth in their alternative choices. Seats will be allocated on the basis of train and berth availability.

6. If the passenger decides to cancel the tickets, then charges thus applied will be on the basis of the alternate train.

7. One allotted the alternate train, the passenger cannot travel by the primary train. Moreover, no further modification can be made on the journey.

8. If the passenger does not undertake the journey in the allotted alternate train, then he or she can claim the refund of the fares by a TDR  (ticket deposit receipt) request.

9. Once Vikalp is opted for, it cannot be changed.


Source:- zeebiz