Gmail Alert! Your mail ID out of precious free space? Get relief, do this

Gmail Alert! Your mail ID out of precious free space? Get relief, do this

With search engine Google, life is so much easier. Not that Yahoo!, Outlook, or even Slack for that matter, and other mail platforms did not serve the basic purpose of sending and receiving messages, but they are either dead or confined to niche segments. Not just Gmail, the tech giant has emerged as a one-stop platform for many services with its offerings like Google Drive, and Google+ Photos. However, all these Google services need a lot of space to work for every individual. The tech giant offers 15GB of free space to all its users to ensure that they don’t have any trouble. But, there is a chance that you might end up eating up this entire storage that is absolutely free. This could be because you may have too many e-mails big with media attachments, like photos, videos etc .

In case you run out of space, Google will ask you to free up the space. “You’re running low on storage space. Try freeing up space or purchase additional storage,” the warning message from Google reads. This message is sent when you are about to exhaust the space but have enough to use the services.

However, if you fail to act, Google will drop another message to remind you about the same. Also, if you run out of space, you might not be able to use some of the services. “If you run out of storage, you won’t be able to store new files and may not be able to send and receive emails,” the second message would read. Now, that is an emergency situation and you need to act fast or else those who are sending you mail will not be able to get through to you – that will hurt you professionally and personally too.

How to free up space?
As mentioned earlier, e-mail attachments can be a big culprit, but stored email messages themselves also take up space. There is absolutely no other way to remove them but to check each mail individually and delete it from inbox. Thankfully, Gmail provides you the feature to delete about 100 messages at one time. But, remember even the deleted emails will take up space in your trash folder. Google automatically deletes emails from the trash after 30 days, but you’ll want to empty your trash immediately if you need the space right now. You should also empty out your Spam folder as well as drafts folder.

Spend money
If you can afford it, then buy extra space. Yes, the only other way around this problem is by spending money. You may need to purchase additional storage to be able to use Google services. Currently, Google offers additional 100 GB storage for Rs 130 per month. In case that doesn’t meet you requirements, you can purchase 200 GB space for Rs 210 per month.

Source: zeebiz