Easy tips to win PUBG Mobile chicken dinner

Easy tips to win PUBG Mobile chicken dinner

PUBG Mobile is an intensely tactical Battle Royale and the growing popularity of the game is attracting new players every day.

Due to the competitive gamer base, newcomers usually find it difficult to win the coveted chicken dinner.

However, that is no cause for concern, as we bring five easy tips, which beginners can follow to win chicken dinner in PUBG Mobile.

How to easily win Chicken Dinner :-

Land in the furthest areas of the map

In PUBG Mobile, the battle plane takes a certain route over the selected map. Players have to jump off at the location of their choice.

By landing in areas that are far away from the battle plane’s path, players minimize the risk of immediate action.

Further, they can survive most of the game, merely making their way to the playzone, instead of fighting opponents.

Camp at the edges of the playzone

Once you make your way to the playzone, make sure you do not move around a lot.

Camp at the edges of the playzone, in a safe location like a building.

While this gameplay might seem boring and take a lot of patience, this is the safest way to victory.

Kill any players who encroach upon your hiding place, but do not engage unnecessarily.

Avoid firefights even if you hear gunshots nearby

If you hear firefights nearby, do not go and investigate.

Try and locate where they are, on the mini-map, and take a route that avoids the area of conflict.

This way, you let fighting opponents eliminate each other while you play a game of survival.

If you are feeling courageous, try spotting the fight from a distance and use scoped weapons to kill survivors.

Avoid conflict at the end stage of the game

It’s pretty clear now that we are prioritizing survival over conflict as an easy way to win the chicken dinner.

This is most important in the final stages of the game when you are down to 10 players.

Take a camping position and do not move unless necessary.

Wait for your enemies to give away their positions so you can eliminate them…..Read More>>>


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