Aadhaar Card: How to find UIDAI centre near you using uidai.gov.in – Check these steps

Aadhaar Card: How to find UIDAI centre near you using uidai.gov.in – Check these steps

Aadhaar card has become a mandatory document for the public as the Modi government has been attaching the majority of the subsidy and welfare schemes with it. Today, if you want to claim the LPG subsidy, you need to attach your Aadhaar card with your LPG vendor and your bank. Similarly, one needs an Aadhaar card attached bank account, if they want direct benefit transfer to them.

Therefore, having an Aadhaar Card is fast becoming a mandatory document for each and every Indian citizens and those who haven’t applied for their Aadhaar Card need to apply for it immediately. But, to apply for Aadhaar card, one needs to reach out to the nearest Aadhaar card centre. However, it has been found that many people don’t know about it and hence they find it hard to reach out to the nearest Aadhaar enrolment or UIDAI centre. However, finding the nearest Aadhaar centre is easy, if one is internet savvy. What you need is to visit the UIDAI official website uidai.gov.in and find the nearest Aadhaar centre by putting the PIN Code of your address.


Here is the complete step on how to locate nearest UIDAI or Aadhaar card centre:

To locate the nearest Aadhaar card or UIDAI centre, one needs to go to the UIDAI website uidai.gov.in. After logging in to the UIDAI website, one will have three options: State, PIN Code and Search Box to find the nearest Aadhar card centre. For PIN search, one needs to put the PIN code of their address proof they want to be printed on their Aadhar card. There are no charges for Aadhar card apply and in case of some error in filling the Aadhar card form, it can be corrected within 96 hours of submission of the form without any charges.

Step by step:

1] Log in to the UIDAI website www.uidai.gov.in;

2] Choose PIN code search of the three options: State, PIN Code, Search Box;

3] PIN Code search is most preferred as by putting the PIN code of your address you will find the nearest Aadhaar Card centre.

Those who want to do it through State and Search Box they can also do that but in that case, they will have to follow a few more steps.

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